Things I wish I had in Second Life – List 1

– Digimon Holy Ring accessory.  I’ve seen two that were part of avatars or mods, but not just a simple Holy Ring bracelet or necklace or something.  I may have to buy a simple bangle kit and make one myself using the English Digicode font I’ve got.

– Ben 10 Albedo’s jacket.  There is a seller who makes a nice mesh Ben 10 jacket (as well as several others, including a Smallville inspired Green Lantern jacket I wear often), but so far I haven’t seen Albedo’s jacket.  Come to think of it…

– Ben 10 Omnitrix accessory.  I’ve seen a couple of really cheap looking accessories with the Omnitrix/Plumber’s symbol, but I can’t seem to find one that looks like any of the incarnations from the TV series.  I did have a nice one based on the original Omnitrix on my old account, but the store that it was a freebie at is no longer around in any form.

– Green Lantern ring for non-humans.  The Green Lantern Corps is pretty much a bunch of aliens, so it stands to reason that many of these aliens might not have traditional fingers on which to wear rings.  G’Nort wore one around his hand and Chaselon wore one around his tentacle arm thing, so I’d love to see something like this.

– “Hair” tufts of fur, preferably mesh or with a full-perm texture or PSD.  This has been something I’ve been unable to find other than as parts of avatars, made for avatars I don’t use or aren’t as easy to customize as I’d like.  While a lot of people that use furry avatars just use hair, I’d love something that looks like the fur on the head is styled like hair, or just a few tufts sticking out of the top as if styled.  The few I’ve found that fit avatars I use are either tintable prims (which don’t look right in some lighting) or are unshaded or otherwise undefinded.

– A tattoo layer copy of my RL tattoo.  I have the copyright circle c with my birth year on the inside of my lower left leg (yes, like an action figure).  I just don’t have the skills to make it myself at this time since it would require being made just so due to how avatars work (specific placement and possible stretching).

– A home.  This is just something I haven’t gotten around to yet.  I’m still looking at land for rent and comparing size and prim allowance to cost.  I’m not sure what sort of home I’ll have, but I’ve seen plenty I like that range from TARDIS replicas (both replicas of official incarnations from the series as well as original creations by various creative folks), Star Wars themed houses (including some VERY nice replicas of the houses from Star Wars Galaxies), and various apartment skyboxes (normal, sci-fi, steampunk, etc.).  I don’t need anything super huge, just a nice place to call my own, decorate as I see fit and maybe work on modding/customizing/fitting items I get.

– More clothes, costumes, etc.  Again, this is just something I haven’t gotten around to yet.  Most of my clothes are either costumes (superheroes, Jedi robes, etc), hunt/event items or freebies.  I’ve bought a few things, but I’d like to add a little more variety to my wardrobe.  I’d like to find more things I like that fit everything from just jeans and t-shirts to victorian steampunk suits to various Starfleet uniforms.

– A simple prim or mesh capital letter H to wear on my forehead.  I’ve watched a bit to much Red Dwarf lately.


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